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Volunteer commitment to helping the refugees in Nürtingen

The inhabitants of Nürtingen have been committed to helping fugitives for many years. In recent years more and more citizens have been taking their new neighbours by the hand - in the meantime there are 300 such active helpers. Each and every person can help in their own way, depending on their work background and individual time budget. Typical volunteer tasks are the organisation of leisure and sport activities, accompanying individual refugees (e.g. on visits to public offices or doctor's appointments), helping to learn German. The committed volunteers work closely together with the full-time workers. The adminstrative offices of the district council in Esslingen and the local council in Nürtingen, the  Workers' Welfare Association (AWO; responsible for social support), the charity agencies Caritas and Diakonie, the church communities, the German Red Cross and many more institutions are all important partners. Volunteer work is organised into work groups which are allocated to one large accommodation location or to several smaller accommodation units respectively. Representatives from the individual work groups are linked in the network "Work with Refugees in Nürtingen" (NFANT).

Volunteer work groups

Latest news : Appeal for help in Max-Eyth-Straße
At present new shared accommodation is being set up in a commercial building in Max-Eyth-Straße. Approx. 170-230 refugees are to be temporarily accommodated there shortly. Just as in larger accommodation units the new neighbours will need contacts and helpers in order to orientate themselves in their new surroundings. Would you like to help to take care of our new neighbours in Max-Eyth-Straße?

Cosima Röder
Liaison office for volunteer work with refugees
Office for Education, Social and Family Affairs
Dept: Civic Involvement and Integration
Mönchstraße 12, 2. OG
72622 Nürtingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 7022 75-513
E-Mail: c.roeder(@)

The work group K4 helps the 120 new neighbours living in the container settlement in Kanalstraße. Mainly families and single men from Africa, the Near Eastern countries and the Eastern Balkan states live there. Over and above German lessons and a bicycle workshop the K4 work group also often organize cultural events in the Alten Seegrasspinnerei. If you would like to get a taste of how it is to work with K4 then the Café International (every Tuesday 4pm-6pm, in the Kulturkantine) is a good opportunity. Current information is available in K4-Blog.

Small accommodation units:
There are numerous small housing units close to the town centre in which both families and single men live.

Irmhild Sellhorst
Art Therapist MA
Caritas-Refugee Assistance
Vendelaustraße 30
72622 Nürtingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 7022 70892-27
E-Mail schreiben: i.sellhorst(@)

Many volunteers are also active in the work group Asyl Neckarhausen. An important meeting point for the approx. 30 men from Syria, Pakistan and other countries is Monday breakfast at “Hotel International“ (weekly at 10:30 am). If you are interested you are very welcome to go along. Donations of food and coffee are requested. For further information see:

The work group in Oberensingen supports the 30-35 single men from Syria, Pakistan, Irak and India who are housed in the Oberensingen parish hall. The work grou meets once a month, alternating between an informal exchange and an official meeting. The contacts for the various assignments can be found at

The work group Integration Raidwangen (AIR) is busy preparing for the opening of the refugee accommodation planned for 2016. AIR information sheets and contact persons are available at-

The work group Integration Säer (AKIS) was formed in the autumn 2015. It accompanies the 270 new neighbours who have a roof over their heads in the sports hall on Säer hill. There are many possibilities for participation in the activities. On the Facebook page “Refugees Welcome to NT“ AKIS inform about the latest events. Non-facebook-users can contact by email at AKIS-NT(@) . Further details:

NFANT network refugee assistance Nürtingen

The network refugee assistance Nürtingen is the amalgamation of the above mentioned work groups. Representatives of each group meet at approx. two-monthly intervals and discuss topics relevant to all the Nürtingen refugees. Important functions of NFANT are:

  • The joint representation of the volunteers.
  • Exchange of information and experience between the work groups
  • Acquisition and fair distribution of financial donations.
  • Detailed information is available on the NFANT homepage:

“Getting a taste“ of voluntary work

If you would like to get a taste of voluntary work with the refugees without obligation, it is a good idea to call by to one of the weekly meetings. A further possibility is to help out at one of the food distribution shifts. This would involve approx. three hours once. One works together with the refugees and it is a nice opportunity to make first contact. If you are interested please send an email to:

Cosima Röder
Liaison office for volunteer work with refugees Office for Education, Social and Family Affairs
Dept: Civic Involvement and Integration
Mönchstraße 12, 2. OG
72622 Nürtingen
Tel.: + 49 (0) 7022 75-513
E-Mail: c.roeder(@)

Further qualification for volunteers

Volunteer academy:
The volunteer academy in the community centre “Bürgertreff is offering many training courses pertaining to work with refugees in 2016. All courses are free of charge for Nürtingen volunteers. Volunteers outside Nürtingen pay a course fee of 12 €. Please register as early as possible by email to as the number of participants is limited for many events. Courses on other topics can be organized on request. The programme can be found here.

Catholic Adult Education:
The Catholic Adult Education programme (KEB) also offers courses at modest fees. The programme can be found here.

Material for volunteers

For some helpers refugee assistance is new territory. If you would like to become familiar with the subject matter the handbook “Willkommen“ (“Welcome”) is recommendable. It is published by the State Ministry Baden-Württemberg. It can be downloaded here free of charge and can be ordered free of charge

Beginning and moving on:
The handbook “Flüchtlinge begleiten“ (“Assisting refugees“) published by Diakonie Baden-Württemberg is more detailed and above all gives very good specialist information on the procedure of applying for asylum and tips on how to assist. This, too, can be downloaded free of charge under

As reference:
The glossary from the media service Integration explains the important terminology.

Up to date information:

Multi-lingual material for refugees