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German Courses in Nürtingen

Adult Education Centre
In cooperation with the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) the adult education centre carries out integration courses. These courses take place either mornings or afternoons from Monday to Friday. Furthermore evening German language courses are offered. Further details can be found under:

Dr. Peter Sindlinger
Head of Dept for Languages and Philosophy
vhs Nürtingen
Frickenhäuser Straße 3
72622 Nürtingen
Phone: +49 (0) 7022 75-336
Fax: + 49 (0) 7022 75-331
E-Mail: sindlinger(@)

Bruderhaus Association Welfare Services for Young Migrants
Vocational German language courses for recognized refugees under the age of 27 years.

Ingrid Gunzenhauser
Specialized Dept. for Youth, Education, Migration Nürtingen
Kirchheimer Straße 60
72622 Nürtingen
Phone: +49 (0) 7022 21 75-113
Fax: +49 (0) 7022 21 75-120

Vocational training for the non-qualified
The vocational schools and the secondary educational institution Schulwerk Mitte offer vocational courses which include the teaching of basic sound knowledge of the German language. Contact the secretarial departments of the vocational schools.

Language courses offered by volunteers
The voluntary work groups offer German lessons at the various primary accommodation locations. Information is available from the contact persons of the work groups

Registration for the German language course offered by the adult education centre and the Bruderhaus Association is usually coordinated by volunteer work group.  Please talk to the volunteer worker assigned to language tuition in the respective accommodation if you would like to register for a German course. In this way it is possible to avoid an asylum-seeker being registered for several German courses. Registration for the vocational school classes is usually undertaken by AWO.  

Stadt Nürtingen
Postfach 19 20
72609 Nürtingen

Marktstraße 7
72622 Nürtingen
Öffnungszeiten Rathaus:
Montag bis Freitag: 07.30 Uhr bis 12.00 Uhr
Dienstag: 14.00 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr
Donnerstag:14.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr
Zusätzliche Öffnungszeiten Bürgeramt und Bürgerbüro Bauen:
Donnerstag: 07.00 Uhr bis 19.00 Uhr durchgängig

Das Sachgebiet Ausländerwesen ist mittwochs und freitags ganztägig geschlossen. Das Standesamt und die Kindergartenverwaltung sind mittwochs ganztägig geschlossen.
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