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At present (April 2017) 650 refugees are living in the town area.

The town of Nürtingen plans to distribute the refugees' accommodation over the whole town area. To this aim municipal housing and buildings will be used, new buildings will be constructed and existing private objects will be rented. Thus the creation of ghettos will be avoided and the care and integration of the refugees will be furthered.

In view of the fast growing numbers of persons being allocated, the town is compelled to complement the concept of decentralised accommodation by supplementing with large accommodation facilities, interim solutions and containers in order to be able to ensure a fast but humane solution to taking care of the numerous asylum-seekers.

To this aim the town administration has examined all the municipal buildings and land areas and has presented a rapidly achievable selection to the town council for resolution. In doing so, the following criteria were taken as a basis:

  • municipal
  • vacant, vacant in the future or requiring only minimal relocation
  • suitable for housing construction
  • not foreseen for other planning
  • not in an isolated location (to promote integration)
  • achievable in +/- 3 years

On 10th Nov. 2015 the resolution was taken to use the previous primary school in Neckarhausen temporarily, and to redevelop Gerberstraße 24, 26, 26.1 and Metzinger Straße 33, 35 as well as possibly the Nanz-Wiese in Roßdorf.

overview map
overview map

Before the planned subsequent accommodation is completed the town will issue timely invitations to information sessions for interested citizens.

Moreover the town administration is most grateful for private offers of apartments and houses. These can either be directly passed on to the refugees or rented by the town.

On what terms are apartments rented?

There is no strictly defined amount of rent which can be assumed by different municipal offices. Nürtingen town remains in the scope of the rent index of the town of Esslingen and orients itself on the condition of the rental apartment. All other terms are settled in an individual rent contract.  

Ancillary utility costs are estimated in the first year as an advance payment and are distributed over the months. After the first utility cost statement it is possible to see what must be adjusted. The town continues to remain within the upper limit set by the Job Centre with regard to the suitability of the accommodation and in the case of a normal rental this means:

  • 1 person - up to 45 m² - 370 € base rent
  • 2 persons - up to 60 m² - 440 € base rent, 220 € each
  • 3 persons - up to 75 m² - 510 € base rent, 170 € each
  • 4 persons - up to 90 m² - 560 € base rent, 140 € each
  • 5 persons - up to 105 m² - 650 € base rent,130 € each 
  • For each further person 15 m²  more and 90 € base rent more

Should you be interested in letting please contact Mr Jahn.

Annett Falk
Stadt Nürtingen Gebäudewirtschaft (GWN)
Porschestraße 9 72622 Nürtingen
Tel.: 07022 406-831 
E-Mail: annett.falk(@)  

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